back pain
Back Pain and Sciatica


Dr Ward is a recognised expert in the diagnosis and management of back pain and sciatica. He is the Chair of the NICE Guideline on Low Back Pain and Sciatica and in his practice, Dr Ward uses the latest evidence based treatments to help you with your spinal problem. This may include diagnosis with the latest in imaging technology and electrophysiological testing, medication advice, advice on exercise or referral to our specialist back pain physiotherapists, precision diagnostic injections and a range of pain relief procedures. Dr Ward works in conjunction with clinical psychologists who can often help patients cope with and manage their pain better.

Other Musculoskeletal Pain Problems


Dr Ward sees and treats patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders including neck pain and whiplash, joint problems including shoulder, hip, knee and pelvic joint pain, fibromyalgia and regional muscular pain problems.

Neuropathic Pain


Dr Ward sees and treats patients with neuropathic pain (nerve pain) including post surgical nerve pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and facial pain including headache.