Treating and Managing Pain

Self Help

There are plenty of things you can try before seeking professional help for your pain problem. Pain is often a complex phenomenon where the experience of pain can be influenced by a multitude of factors including inactivity,  low mood, anxiety, frustration, fear of the future, poor sleep and fatigue and work and money worries. We know that better management of these problems reduces pain and improves quality of life. See the LINKS page for self management resources.

Conditions Treated

See HERE for some of the conditions Dr Ward may be able to help you with.


Nothing can be more frustrating for patients than to suffer a pain problem without an adequate diagnosis. Pain medicine specialists are trained to diagnose a huge array of pain problems from the simple to the complex. Dr Ward will make every effort to provide you with a diagnosis and an explanation for your pain problem. He works in conjunction with neurologists, neurosurgeons and neurophysiologists and has access to the latest MRI and imaging technology. Dr Ward often uses precision injection treatments to diagnose the cause of pain.


Following a comprehensive assessment, a treatment plan will be discussed with you. This may include medication management, physical rehabilitation in conjuction with our physiotherapy team, psychological therapy and advanced interventional pain injections and procedures. See HERE for more details